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Process | Purpose

College advising and academic planning

for students in DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia, national and international

Green Apple College Guidance & Education
Our students build 21st Century skills by participating in guided, thoughtful educational planning from grades 8-12+.

Today's approach necessitates bold, creative thinking and the building of effective habits of mind which together lay the groundwork for adaptable, growth-focused choices.

With an eye toward the 21st Century skillset, our counselors work with students and families to engage in the process of high school and college mapping through goal-setting, curating resources, challenges and experiences, and embracing an iterative process of discussion, reflection, and presentation.

4905 Del Ray Ave. Ste. 212

Bethesda, Maryland 20814


18 Shipyard Dr. Ste. 2A

Hingham, Massachusetts 02043

*Hours by appointment

*Weekday and weekends available

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